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Version: 3.1.0

What is FLOWX.AI?

FLOWX is an AI multi-experience development platform that sits on top of legacy systems and creates unified, scalable digital experiences.

  • With the world’s first AI-generated UI, FLOWX generates in real-time omnichannel interfaces for customers and employees.
  • It captures and unifies data offering enterprises AI-based optimization and innovation capabilities.
  • It integrates easily with any infrastructure and scales it as necessary.

It is a modern event-driven platform built on a microservices architecture. It uses the most popular industry standards for process modeling, business rule management and integrates as easily with legacy systems as with the latest APIs and RPAs.

Also, all applications you create are containerized, portable, scalable, and resilient out of the box. You’re free to deploy anywhere and scale to any size without redesign.

FLOWX.AI can be deployed in a private cloud, in a public cloud or on-prem, depending on your requirements.

Why does it matter?

FLOWX.AI can be deployed on top of existing legacy systems, so there is no need for costly or risky upgrade projects. This helps lower the stress on the IT team and the technology budget since studies show that around 65-75% of the IT budget goes towards maintaining current infrastructure. Now, It’s not reasonable to expect enterprises are just going to rip and replace the legacy stack with new applications. They will do so at some point but for now they need something that enables them to run existing business and gives them some leeway or headspace to create modern digital experiences.

FLOWX.AI platform brings a layer of scalability to your existing stack, beyond their current capabilities. This is thanks to our Kafka and Redis core that queue messages until the system is able to respond. And best of all, the app user is not experiencing any lag, since data is pre-pulled in the front-end ahead of his actions. A typical use case might sustain 100,000 users per minute, but of course, given our containerized architecture, it can be scaled even more.

Unified interface across multiple systems or platforms - often, say for an in-branch onboarding process, a teller has to use 4 or 5 different applications - to access various customer data such as a CRM, public reference checks, a KYC system and so on. With a process designed in FLOWX, you create just one application that unifies the purpose and the data from all those other applications. And this is very liberating for employees, it saves up time, eliminates the possibility of errors and overall, makes the experience of using the onboarding application a pleasant one.

With FLOWX you build omnichannel experiences across all digital channels, be they web applications, mobile apps or in-branch terminals. What’s more, our applications are built with a hand-off capability - meaning the user can start the process on the web and then pick up on the mobile app later that evening.

The UI is generated on the fly, by our AI model. This means that you don’t need coding or design skills to create interfaces. Of course, you can inject your own code for CSS styling, apply your own design system with logo, corporate colors and fonts - but this is just if you want it. By default, you don’t need it.

And of course, when it comes to processes, we support a no-code/full-code framework that makes the platform available to any citizen developer. This brings speed to development, since there is no disconnect between business and IT, supports agile ways of working and overall, has a positive impact over creativity and innovation.

Next steps

We’ll guide you through everything you need to know in order to understand FLOWX.AI, deploy it and use it successfully inside your organization.


If you have any questions regarding the content here or anything else that might be missing and you’d like to know, please get in touch with us! We’d be happy to help!

So, to start with, let’s dive into FLOWX.AI! 🚀

»Quick start

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»Frameworks and standards

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